In late summer 2016, I was contacted by Hatch Realty to make caricature illustrations of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who at the time were in presidential debates. This amazing billboard is the final result of a fun collaboration!
The final billboard- seen around town in Fargo, ND from September 2016 through the election!
Here are the final illustrations I created! Hatch requested that I make them in my cartoon caricature style, looking super angry, haha! "Angry Hillary" was a challenge because she only had friendly looking photos out there on Google images! ;) "Angry Trump", on the other hand, was super easy to reference, haha!
Here are the original line drawings- before I added in color. I think these guys could be an awesome coloring page- feel free to print them and try it out! :)
Closer views below: at the time I painted these, I wasn't aware that the finals would be going onto a billboard. As a personal preference, I usually keep colors and shading simple so that the lines stand out more, and it just happened to work awesomely for this project! Those colors really pop against a blue sky and grab attention :)
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